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Internet Shopping

The TeleMeasure Internet Shopper's programs are designed to help you measure the effectiveness of your Internet advertising as well as the effectiveness and attitude of your staff with respect to this dynamic form of 21st century communication.  TeleMeasure currently offers two Internet-based mystery shopper programs:

Internet Shopping Programs

  •     Email Program -- a simple straight-forward program designed to track the amount of time it takes your staff to respond to an Internet lead.  We will access your Internet-based advertising and send a request for information by filling out an online request form or an e-mail.  We will then track the amount of time it takes for us to receive a return message through the Internet or a follow-up telephone call.  All written responses from your staff and TeleMeasure documentation will be sent to you for your review.
  •     Web Site Shopping Service -- includes everything in the E-mail Program and also measures the ease of navigation and effectiveness of your Website.  You may have a web site that is generating very little action.  Do you know if your site is viewable in the most popular Internet browsers?  How about all your links to other sites, do they function properly?  Or links within your own site:  Is the information easy to find within the Web site?  Is your site kept up-to-date?  These are just some of the questions we will answer for you.  TeleMeasure will conduct a Web surfing session on your site and mail you a full report prepared by an independent Web surfer.