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Mystery Shopping

TeleMeasure has a cafeteria style plan that allows you to pick and choose the services which will most benefit your operation.  If you have worked with your staff on specific customer service issues, sales techniques, or promotional specials, and would like to know how well your staff is implementing  these techniques, we can help!   Our services include a variety of mystery shopping services and evaluations.  Most importantly, we want you to get what you want, and we offer a no hassle guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with the service we have provided, just tell us -- we will do it again until we get it right, at no extra charge.

Mystery Shopping Program

  •     Basic Plan -- designed for the business owner or operator who would prefer to evaluate and measure telephone sales for themselves.  We will place a call to your facility, make an inquiry for the product, service, or scenario you have designated, record the conversation (unless restricted by law), and send you the recording.  You will now be able to listen to the conversation and work with your staff as you see fit.
  •     Score Card Plan -- includes everything in the Basic Plan plus a point system tied to your specifications.  We can use your telephone technique sheet or customer service form for the product, service, or scenario that you would like us to score, measure, and track.  We will work with you to create a point system to track your staff's progress.  When the calls are complete, we will send you the recording and score card!
  •     Premier Package - includes everything in the Score Card Plan plus you will receive an evaluation report from the mystery shopper who placed the call, which will tell you why - or why not - this customer would purchase a product or service from your company.  TeleMeasure will also offer tips, recommendations, and technique suggestions about each call when directed to do so.

These plans and package may be utilized or we can customize a program specific to your needs!!